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(CHICAGO, April 3, 2018) – While independent musicians may not profit directly from today’s closely watched Spotify debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the streaming platform does provide a wide international audience for musicians who may not have an international marketing machine.

“Through Spotify and other streaming platforms people in 30 countries and the U.S. have downloaded our music this past year,” Robert J. Hurns, president of Chicago-based Curio Cabinet Records, said today. “This is the nexus where commerce and art come together.

“In the not too distant past independent artists did not have access to international distribution, but platforms like Spotify extend our reach into the global market unlike ever before,” Hurns said.

Spotify, the Sweden-based music streaming company, was publicly traded for the first time on the NYSE today opening at around $160 per share. “This entry on to the NYSE is, in a way, Spotify saying ‘we’re here to stay’,” said Hurns.
Curio Cabinet Records and Hurns’ albums, available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, include the latest release ‘Meet The Christ Stains!’ available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertjhurns1,  ‘Crabby Road’ at www.cdbaby.com/cd/rjhurns and ‘Music From Imaginary Movies’ at www.cdbaby.com/cd/rjhurns2.

Prior to the release of Chicago band the Christ Stains debut album in late 2017, Sonic Magazine from Hurns first album ‘Crabby Road’ was the top internationally downloaded song, based on CD.baby.com statistics, followed by Giant Monkey Island from Hurns’ ‘Music From Imaginary Movies’ album.

The songs Twin Peeks, Last Day, Attack of the Giant Bumble Bee and El Syd of the new ‘Meet The Christ Stains’ album became popular international downloads after the album’s late 2017 release.

Global listeners of music from Curio Cabinet Records’ three albums to date hail from Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, Philippines, Russia, Greece, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Portugal,  Denmark, Turkey, South Korea, Hungary, Italy, Ireland and Ecuador. Countries order is listed based on popularity from cdbaby.com artist statistics.

“There is a downside for an independent musician, however. The tradeoff for access to worldwide distribution is the tenth of a penny an artist earns after streaming for each song,” Hurns said.  “Perhaps after going public stockholders could urge Spotify to seek more equitable pay for the artists, who in essence are the content providers.”

Hurns, also a lawyer, played in Chicago bands Radio Whip, the Texas Chainsaw Experience and the Tortfeasers and developed and performed ‘Safety March’, a theme for an international safety trade group’s 100th anniversary. Local critics have said:  “Hurns’ music makes you feel like you are free on a technicality…we bet you’ll plead insanity when you hear his latest” and “Sly, wiggly syncopated industrial pop performed on brightly toned synths and electric guitar by Hurns; vampy industrial rock.”

“Music is an international language,” Hurns said. “It’s fun and exciting to see so many folks in other countries downloading music from the Curio Cabinet label. Perhaps as the music streaming industry grows so will the benefits to the musicians who provide the creative and entertaining music for growing global audiences. You can’t buy love, but money does pay the mortgage."                                                                30

Listen to songs from the new 'Meet The Christ Stains!' album at www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertjhurns1 by Chicagoan Robert J. Hurns for Curio Cabinet Records.

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